◆ The second session of the global sensor Summit Forum

August 28, 2015, By the Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research and Development Center for networking research and development center of the second global sensor network, hosted the summit forum held in Yizhuang, Beijing. Forum in response to the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan" strategic emerging industry development planning, research of the micro / smart sensors, wireless sensor network technology, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Microelectronics Research Director Xie Tianchun, Beijing City Liang Sheng, deputy secretary of the Daxing District, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission leadership of the deputy director Gao Peng, counselor of the State Council Hu Bengang, was invited to attend the forum.

Smart wearable devices has been the focus of attention, in addition to smart bracelet, watches, more and more wearable devices are being recognized and accepted, according to the expected, by 2016, the global wearable smart devices market, will reach $6 Billion. In the 2015 global sensor Summit Forum which held on Beijing Yizhuang development zone , the founder of major smart wearable devices and industry experts described their understanding of smart wearable devices, as well as the latest product they are being developed.

For smart bracelet and watch, we are no longer strangers, but in addition to the features we know, smart bracelet can also do more. Throughout the current smart Bracelet market, although smart bracelet, watch class products in the field of wearable is very high, and sales are gradually rising, but there are many problems need to solve , such as too much closing relationship with smart phone ,which let's to be a mobile phone accessories.

上海欧孚通讯技术公司的“表哥”俞文杰就对智能手表的现状和未来进行了分析,他认为智能手表“一半是海水,一半是火焰”,在一片吐槽和谩骂中逐步成长和成熟起来的,说到智能手表被大众吐槽的续航能力差的问题,智能手表的电池为啥这么难做?主要是由于智能手表受体积大小限制,电池容量很难做到大容量,而好的用户体验有需要大屏、高亮度等条件,所以要发展新的电池技术,比如纸电池和柔性电池,从而解决制约智能手表供应链的电池的问题。Shanghai Oviphone communication Technology Limited CEO Mr.Jack Yu was analyzed smart watch condition of now and future , he thought smart watches "half water, half flame", gradually grow and mature together in a piece of ridicule and abuse , regarding to the standby low ability of smart watch ,why smart watch battery so difficult to do? Mainly due to the size of the smart watch, the battery capacity is very difficult to achieve large capacity, and good user experience is required for large screen, high brightness and other conditions, so to develop new battery technology, such as paper and flexible batteries, thus solving the problem of smart watches supply chain.

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